Apple glasses already have a price and approximate launch date

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It is not the first time that a company thinks of glasses as the perfect place to carry another computer that digitizes our real life. You know, enjoy a permanent HUD that tells us if the store at the end of the street is open or closed, or what direction should we take to get to the site that we have pointed out on the mobile.

The famous Google Glass was just that, but over the years the project fell out of favour and today is the history of gadgets that did not succeed. Now, we do not know what Apple has thought and designed to have so much faith in a product that, if analysts are not very wrong, we will see in stores sooner rather than later.

Dates and prices ‘Apple style’

The case is that the new consignment of information on these Apple Glass has been borne, again, by the famous Jon Prosser, who has been out of control for the first few months of the year, leaking information about each and every one of the products that Californians have been putting on sale. And the truth is that little has failed in the meantime iPad Pro, iPhone SE, etc.

In this new batch of information, it focuses on two important ones: the first, the approximate date on which it could arrive. Although the possibility that Apple Glass was a long-term project with its sights set on 2022 has always been considered, it seems that those from Cupertino have wanted to accelerate and will have it ready for next year, with a worldwide presentation in late 2020.

According to the analyst, the presentation of these glasses would take place in the same keynote of putting of length of the new iPhone 12, and they would not have a space of their own within the event but would unveil themselves with the mythical “One More Thing” formula that made Steve Jobs himself so famous. It would be a kind of “look at what we are working on, and next year we will tell you more.”

These glasses, which will focus on augmented reality tasks, will have a LiDAR sensor like the one worn by the new 2020 iPad Pro and quite possibly this year’s iPhone 12. Another of the elements that have been known is that there is very possibly no model with a design for sunglasses because Californians have not managed to integrate the system with that type of glass. Its price? Analyst talks about $ 499 that, if we apply the usual asymmetric change of Tim Cook’s, it could become in Spain about 549 euros, more or less. What do you think?

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