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Apollo House group agree to meet Housing Minister


The occupiers of Apollo House have agreed to attend a meeting with the Housing Minister tomorrow.

The Home Sweet Home group will send seven members to meet with Simon Coveney after receiving an invitation from the Minister.

The group has published a list of demands which include 24-hour private rooms for all homeless people for a minimum of six months and a referendum on the right to housing.

Speaking at a press conference earlier today, Trade union organiser Brendan Ogle said that the campaign wants meaningful action from the Minister before it agrees to leave Apollo House.

“What can happen is that the Minister and the Government can signal very easily a change in direction where they can respond to the huge groundswell of public opinion that will say and is saying through this campaign – enough is enough, we’re going to do something different.

“We want the Minister to use Nama to address the homelessness emergency.

“I would like for the minister tomorrow to accept that this campaign has shone a necessary light on a key deficiency in what the state offers to homeless people.

“And as a result of this campaign he is going to use the legislative powers available to the Government to put Nama properties on the table to help alleviate the homelessness crisis going forward.”

Over 40 homeless people per night have been sleeping at Apollo House since it was occupied last month.

Dublin City Council says there is accommodation for anyone who needs it in the capital.