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Angry resident says Tallaght Gardai “don’t give a f***” about anti social problems in Killinarden


An angry Killinarden resident this week contacted InTallaght to accuse Tallaght Gardai of not caring about sorting out the ongoing anti social problems in the area.

The person, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared stories of drug dealing outside shops in broad daylight, intimidation of the local community, young mothers and old people afraid to leave their homes and a number of serious assaults in the past year.

Dublin Bus drivers have even expressed reluctance to enter the area after 6pm in the evening due to acts of violence including stone throwing and threats against drivers.

Our contact, “John,” says he decided to go to the local Gardai to enquire about what they were doing to restore some kind of normality to the area following months of serious problems.

“Things have got out of hand in the area,” said “John” “and I feel like the Gardai aren’t doing anything about it so a week ago I went the station and asked to speak to somebody about it.”

“I told them what I’ve told you about Killinarden and how people have had enough.

“The Garda said to me “what do you want us to do, arrest people?!” and I said “yes!” thats exactly what I want you to do!”

“He explained the Gardai can’t do anything until a crime has been committed and I should contact them then.

“He said: “We can’t do anything to stop whats happening in Killinarden because you need to call us so we can come and witness whats going on.”

“The only time they come up is when there’s stabbings, shootings or a road accident.

“They have to know who these people are, it’s the same gang of young fellas.

“There’ll be 20 or 30 of the fuckers standing around outside dealing drugs, day and evening.

“Some are under 18, some in their 20s.

“People are afraid to come out of their apartments, the old people up there are terrified, there’s single mothers with kids who can’t go out without being threatened, I feel so sorry for them.

“The Gardai just don’t give a f***, the local people won’t stand up to them because these fellas have guns and knives and will use them.

“Nobody’s standing up to them and the police just don’t want to know.

“They’ll drive into the area have a quick look and drive back out, whats the point in that?!”

“The way I see it, whats the point in me reporting things to them when they just don’t give a f***.”

I contacted Tallaght Garda station to get their response to “John’s” allegations and was directed to the Garda Press Office.

I got the following statement from Sergeant Tony Connaughton of the Press Office:

“The Killinarden area is patrolled by Garda units based in Tallaght and any particular issues or incidents that arise are investigated.

“The area is also patrolled by community policing Gardai as are all areas in the Tallaght District.

“Any member of the public who has an incident to report is asked to contact Tallaght Garda Station.

“If you have details of particular incidents we can check them for you.”