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The Angry Birds Movie



The Angry Birds Movie is a soon to be released computer-animated-action-adventure film based on the series of video games of the same name.

Everyone has played an Angry Birds game since the first one became available in 2009 so it is somewhat puzzling as to why a film based on the characters is only surfacing this year, but judging by the trailer it may be worth the wait. The movie is being produced by both Rovio Entertainment, who created the games, and Sony Pictures Imageworks.


The Angry Birds are all flightless birds who live on an idyllic Paradise Island, like the star of the movie Red (Jason Sudekis). It all changes for the birds with the arrival of the Bad Piggies who then steal all of the birds eggs. Red and the rest of the Angry Birds must then embrace their anger if they are to take back what is theirs from the Bad Piggies.

This looks to be a great family film and could be a massive hit judging from the trailer, which you can see below. With some very funny characters, and ones that we all know and love I cannot wait to catch this film when it hits our screens on May 13 2016.