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An Cosán Virtual Community College now Open and Recruiting Students in Tallaght through An Cosán


VCC to provide an alternative path to higher education to over 1,000 students, through online and mobile learning


An Cosán Virtual Community College (VCC), an online and mobile education initiative which empowers young people to learn using virtual and online technologies, has this week announced that it is open for business and actively looking for students in Tallaght to start courses in October.


VCC is being supported by Three Ireland.  The courses are aimed at adults who are thinking about returning to education and wondering what they could achieve. VCC offers an alternative route to higher education for the many people who for various reasons do not get a chance to complete their education.  These courses are designed to help early school leavers, lone parents, unemployed as well as traditional students.


VCC uses an online model of live lectures with offline activities and assignments, combined with face to face workshops. It also offers ‘personalised scaffolding’ which includes support across a number of areas including digital competence, academic literacy, mentoring, study support and building collaborative learning communities. 


From October, VCC will be offering introductory higher education programmes including the following courses: 

·         Certificate in learning to learn at Third Level

·         Community Leadership

·         Citizenship and Social Action

It will also offer courses for continuous professional development for community education practitioners including:

·         Transformative Community Education and Technology Enhanced Learning.

All of VCC’s higher education courses are accredited by IT Carlow.


Elizabeth Waters, Director of Virtual Community College said;

“We’re really excited to be up and running and open for business.  The VCC initiative provides an alternative path to higher education and breaks down the barriers traditionally faced by students living in urban and rural locations, such as childcare, travel, time and cost.  Learners can now study on-line in An Cosán, Tallaght West supported by the An Cosán team.”


“Our aim is to ease students back into education who, for whatever reason, did not get the opportunity to achieve their potential through traditional education means.  Students don’t even have to come into the centre, if they have a PC/laptop or a mobile phone they can access VCC’s courses from anywhere.  They can study in their own time at their own pace, fitting education in and around their lives.  It’s important to say also that people don’t need to have advanced IT skills at all as we will have support on hand provided by the An Cosán team.” 


To find out more log onto there website www.ancosanvcc.com to download our brochure, or you can email An Cosán VCC at [email protected].