An 'app' that deletes Chinese applications succeeds in the Play Store, and that?

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We have all come to internalize in some way that, when an application of our mobile connects to Chinese servers, it does it with some dark intention, so we forget basic details such as that its developer is from that country and therefore, the most logical thing is that the data that you save or manage store it permanently there.

However, there has been so much literature that we have seen circulating in recent months pointing to that country as a focus of espionage activities and similar tasks, that something that should not be news ends up being it. But also, with what happened in recent months on account of the coronavirus, where very specific countries and their leaders have directly pointed to the Chinese Government as responsible for the pandemic since the pique is served.

Regional rivalries

All of the above we have been dragging along in recent years, with governments raising their voices and pointing their finger, although in the case of India, this confrontation has a much more defining element which is that of closeness to the Asian giant, and the ever-present dispute over influence in surrounding countries.

Now, those tensions that are lived in the commercial fields, are reaching all corners of society until making an Android application one of the most successful of all that we can find in the Google store. This is “Remove China Apps”, which does just what you can imagine and has been launched in India by a local developer.

Any Chinese programmer or company that puts an application in the Android digital store and, for whatever reason, does not identify its origin, It will be detected by this app that will proceed to tell the user. In this way, you can perform a scan of everything you have on your Android smartphone and receive a list of everything that Chinese companies have installed (with your consent) on your terminal. To say that the application does not delete anything, it only shows the result of that search on the mobile and we will already be the ones who have to eliminate them one by one.

As you see, it has no other purpose than to combat those applications that come from Chinto without any other major task, such as unmasking those who really carry out suspicious practices by the data they collect and with whom they share it. But this is not the case, it is a simple example of computer xenophobia that seeks an effective boycott of all the products of, in this case, a single country.