An ‘app’ allows you to ‘sing’ the goals from home so they can be heard in the stadium

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Brian Adam
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Soccer is slowly returning after the break it suffered in mid-March and, obviously, for the security measures to be adopted, the stands of all stadiums will have to be kept closed to avoid massive contagions. So there is a debate about whether that sport that eleven against eleven plays is still the same, or is it something else when the public stays at home.

Be that as it may, the televisions and the clubs look for alternatives to supply that atmosphere of the great occasions with technological alternatives. Operators are devising formulas such as simulating ambient sound in broadcasts, Although a Japanese company has had a more … real idea? Why not connect the fans with your stadium so that they can shout the goals out loud and be heard over the public address system?

Tap the screen and players will hear it

The application is called Remote Cheerer and connects to a platform that manages sound in a stadium, in such a way that everything we do together with the rest of the fans reaches the ears of the players. In reality, we will not be able to shout a goal, but we will be able to do so virtually thanks to an app button that signals the system that this is the audio we want to play in the stadium. And of course, when there are thousands, or millions of people, who are doing it at the same time, the noise makes even the stands vibrate.

Because one of the characteristics of the system is that its volume depends a lot on the number of users that are using it, the reason why the effect is similar to that of some full stands, where the number of spectators defines the intensity of the environment. So much so that it won’t make a goal for the public address system to explode. The app has buttons to send songs of encouragement, applause, whistles and even specific songs designed by each hobby.

This means that, if Atlético de Madrid, or Sevilla FC, or Betis, reach an agreement with the app, They could enable a specific button for their fans, containing the chants of the hobby which are usually cheered in the stands of their respective stadiums. In this way, the teams feel at home and that field factor that has been lost in the German Bundesliga could be recovered.

It remains to be seen that this app will arrive in Spain. The same in LaLiga they are in time to adopt it although at the moment it seems that only Japan going to dispose of it. And it is that shouting a goal in the field of your team even if you are 5,000 km away. away must be a blast, right?

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