America prepares for its "toughest week039; quot;

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erica prepares for its “toughest week

Donald Trump, during a press conference at the White House./EP
Donald Trump, during a press conference at the White House.

“There will be many deaths,” Trump warned, anticipating the entry of his country into a “period that will be appalling.”

While Spain, Italy and France registered a hopeful reduction in the number of deaths from coronavirus in the last hours, in the United States, they will continue to increase in the coming days, where citizens are preparing for the “hardest week, according to the president of the country, Donald Trump.

In the United States there are already more than 310,000 infections and about 9,000 deaths. «This will probably be the hardest week (..). There will be many deaths, “said Trump, anticipating the entry of his country into a; period that will be appalling. ”

New York State, epicenter of the crisis in the United States, registered 594 deaths in the last 24 hours. The state’s total death toll exceeded 4,150. “We are very close to the peak of infection or “that peak may be a plateau, and we are on it,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo.

«Doctors, nurses, experts in assisted breathing. If you are not yet in this battle, come because we need you, “asked New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for his part.

The situation is especially worrying in the United States, where there are already 312,000 infections. So much so that the general director of public health, Jerome Adams, has advanced that his country will live this week a moment “like Pearl Harbor or 9/11, given the high number of deaths expected.

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