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Alice Through the Looking Glass – Film Review


This sequel to the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland is as colourful and wacky as you could ever imagine.

Alice Kingsleigh has spent a number of years at sea living the life her father enjoyed before he passed away. When she returns her world is turned upside down. To escape the drama she finds yet another magical looking glass and returns to the Underland. Upon arrival things aren’t as they once were and she is informed that her good friend the Hatter is now acting madder than usual. When she finally catches up with him she finds out about his heartbreaking past.

In an effort to save him and go back in time she sets off to speak with Time himself. Against all his warnings while trying to change the past Alice tries to borrow the Chronosphere, a time device that everyone (including the now banished Red Queen) wants, and winds up returning to the past. As Alice travels back in time she stumbles across the past lives of many of her friends and enemies.

It is during this time we all learn exactly why some relationships are strained including that of the Red Queen and White Queen.

Alice soon understands after trying to change many aspects of history that we can all simply “learn from the past, we can’t change it”. Can she help mend broken relationships and more importantly save the Hatters life?

Having not seen the first installment I was blown away with the imagery in this film, it’s also in 3D, which just adds to the whole spectacle. The plot is quite busy but the acting is fantastic and I’m sure plenty of us have got some great ideas for Halloween costumes this year!