Aldi in Ireland has announced it will pay its staff the living wage of €11.70 an hour


Aldi here in Ireland has announced today that they will be the first supermarket to commit to paying the living wage of €11.70 an hour.

From 1st February the new rate will come into effect and is a 20 cent increase on entry-level pay for shop assistants, stock assistants and caretakers.

It is the first supermarket to commit to paying the living wage, which is above the €9.55 per hour minimum wage. The supermarket says that some staff already earn up to €14 an hour in Ireland and claims to be the best-paying supermarket chain in Ireland.

The wage is determined by the Living Wage Technical Group, which was set up in 2014 and comprises researchers and academics.

The living wage is updated in July of each year. It is part of a growing international trend to establish an evidence-based hourly income that a full-time worker needs so that they can experience a socially acceptable minimum standard of living.