Alarming number of Irish people with disabilities being denied basic human right


The Government needs to take urgent action to address figures that reveal over 1,000 people with disabilities are on social housing waiting lists in Dublin according to one of Irelands biggest charities.

Rehab, who are the largest charity in this state for people with disabilities, have described this growing list as a human rights violation.

Disability rights groups have also expressed concern at the figures with The Disability Federation of Ireland’s chief executive officer John Dolan saying:

“There was a housing crisis for people with disabilities prior to the current crisis.

“This crisis within the overall housing crisis now needs urgent attention.

“Local authorities need to start an ambitious building programme, and make these homes available to people with disabilities.”

Kathleen O’Meara, director of communications at Rehab, said:

“Ireland needs to get to grips with how we support people with disabilities to live in their own homes.

“These figures show the Government is failing our most vulnerable members of society.

“The right to a home is a critical human right.”

The charity say Ireland is the only country in Europe yet to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, which affords people with disabilities the same basic human rights as everyone else.

Nation-wide a lack of availability and choice makes housing a significant issue for the 600,000 people with disabilities living in our communities.

Furthermore, more than 3000 people with disabilities are still living in institutions.

This figure does not include the 1,200 people under 65, most of whom have disabilities, inappropriately placed in nursing homes.

The exact figure given for Dublin is 1,010, in comparison: Cork 1,015; Galway 1,096 with Kerry reporting 662 waiting for housing.