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Aer Lingus has made Planey McPlaneface a thing – and people want it to be real


If you’re still crying over the fact that Boaty McBoatface might not actually become the new name of a polar research ship then there is a glimmer of hope.

Aer Lingus has posted this incredible image to social media with one of its planes dubbed “Planey McPlaneface”.

The caption “Fleet goals” suggests that the plane is not quite in the skies just yet but is one that could be.

We live in hope.

An Aer Lingus plane
(Steve Parsons/PA)

Boaty McBoatface was catapulted on to the national stage when it was added, by former BBC radio presenter James Hand, as a possible name of a ship in an online poll launched by the Natural Environment Research Council.

It received some 124,109 votes – more than three times that of its closest contender, but Boaty is not all that likely to be painted on the polar research vessel, sadly.

The final decision lies with science minister Jo Johnson, who left no doubt that he does not regard himself as bound to follow the results of the internet poll.

Jo Johnson
(Chris Radburn/PA)

He told the Daily Telegraph: “You won’t be surprised to know that we want something that fits the mission and captures the spirit of scientific endeavour. The public has come up with some fantastic and very imaginative suggestions. We are reviewing all of them.”

Since Boaty came to the fore, there’s been a host of things following the naming convention as well as Planey.

Or rather…

Either way, it’s well played for Aer Lingus.