Activate the dark mode of WhatsApp Web in an easy and fast way

Activate the dark mode of WhatsApp Web in an easy and fast way
Activate The Dark Mode Of Whatsapp Web In An Easy

Activate the dark mode of WhatsApp Web in an easy and fast way

The dark mode of WhatsApp was made to be prayed on both iPhone and Android and, despite the fact that we all already carry it in our terminals, there are still places where it is not available. And specifically, there are two: one on the desktop of our PC or Mac, and on the web, through the browser.

Luckily we already know that Facebook’s have been working on it for a long time since we have had news, and evidence, that it is on the way to a definitive release in not too long. We already know that translated into weeks, it may be a few, but In the case of the version that we can use through the browser, we can already experience it.

Transform your WhatsApp Web

As WABetAInfo has revealed, there is the possibility of already seeing the web version of the messaging application in dark mode. Although we have many ways to force it through extensions (in Chrome) that take care of it, the truth is that with the new information that has emerged the experience will now be much more official. So much so that we can check the work they have done from WhatsApp itself.

Code to be modified within WhatsApp Web. "Srcset =" https: https: https: // 200w
Code to be modified within WhatsApp Web.

Of course, to achieve this we will have to enter the code of the page. For this, we simply access WhatsApp Web and when it loads, on any part of the page, we press the right mouse button. An alternative menu will appear with a function “View source code of the page”. Click here and a huge list of words will appear, which is actually HTML 5. Now we look for the string “body class” and, when we find it, you will see that it has the value “web”.

It is necessary to modify it so we press the right button and we say to the browser “Inspect”. At that moment a new column will appear with the option to change that value from “web” to “web dark”. We save the changes and, if nothing has failed, we could see the dark version of WhatsApp for browsers that, hopefully, will be available sooner rather than later.

WhatsApp Web in dark mode. "Srcset =" https: https: https: // 200w
WhatsApp Web in dark mode.

More than anything because we already have many of the operating system elements in dark mode and it is still a hint of clarity not being able to transform everything we see (through the browser) with those darkened colours. Of course, this process will not bring about a permanent change and each time we reload the WhatsApp Web page it will be necessary to repeat the process that we have just told you about.