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A word with the new South Dublin Mayor


New Mayor of South Dublin County Sarah Holland was thrilled to be elected last month at the Annual Meeting of South Dublin County Council. Sarah told InTallaght Magazine that she is looking forward to the year ahead, “I was delighted to be elected, my own party (Sinn Féin) put me forward.” She told us how coming in after previous Mayor Fintan Warfield will be a hard act to follow but she looks forward to the challenges in front of her.

Sarah says her areas of interest will include, “Women’s rights and opening up business links and cross border business links. There are a couple of important plans in the pipeline, it’s going to be an exciting time.”

Sarah is orginally from Belfast, County Down and is a County Councillor for the Rathfarnham area. She speaks fluent Irish and previously worked in Financial Services. She lives in Rathfarnham with her partner and daughter.

InTallaght would like to wish Mayor Holland a succesful year ahead.