Home Movie A new trailer for Finding Dory is finally here

A new trailer for Finding Dory is finally here

It’s been 13 years since we last saw the adorable Dory, with her infectious energy and complete lack of short-term memory – but a new trailer has dropped for her upcoming film, Finding Dory.Unlike Finding Nemo, Dory – voiced once again by Ellen DeGeneres – doesn’t get lost. Instead, after a memory of her parents is triggered, she sets out with Nemo and Marlin to find them. Thus begin the escapades.

It seems like we’ll be re-introduced to a whole bunch of characters, including everyone’s favourite sea turtle, as well as meeting plenty of new ones.

Once again it appears there are some terrible humans set on terrorising the fish and possibly a very interesting back story to be heard.

Humans outside of the animated world seem suitably excited.

Cineworld expect a UK and Ireland release date of July 29 2016.