A mysterious increase in radiation recorded in Europe: what’s going on?

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A mysterious increase in radiation recorded in Europe: what's going on?

Radiation sensors in Stockholm recently registered a mysterious peak in Europe, identifying what appears to be a loss of radioactive isotopes near the Baltic Sea. The cause is not known, but some speculate that it is linked to some nuclear power plant in Finland or Russia.

Reuters points out that sensors such as those affected by these surveys are designed to discourage nations from testing nuclear weapons, but fortunately this does not seem to be the cause of this spike.

These are certainly nuclear fission products, most likely from a civilian source“a CTBTO spokesman told Reuters.

The Swedish government agency in a tweet revealed that from 22 to 23 June the SEP63 station has “measured very low levels of radioactive substances such as iodi-131, cesium-134, cesium-137, cobalt-60 and ruthenium-103. The levels are so low that they do not pose any danger to people or the environment“.

Lassina Zerbo claimed that “these isotopes most likely come from a civilian facility. We are able to indicate the probable area of ​​the source, but it is outside the authorizations of the CTBTO to identify the exact origin“.

The issue is at the center of a debate, especially after the Chernobyl fire which a few months ago led to a new peak in radiation.

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