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A Double Dose of Musical Madness

It is the lads who take centre stage in the latest double instalment of The Jobstown House ‘CarPool Caraoke’ this week.

Viewers were treated to two newly released episodes on Friday evening, the first starring local comedian Joe Dowlin and the second featuring This Is Jobstown’s Darren Monks.

In the first video manager John Kilbride takes his turn to shine in an impressively accurately-worded sing-song with Joe; rapping his way through Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby.

John’s rhymes are flawless as he takes on the iconic rap song alongside funnyman Joe – who is expecting a lift to The Square only to be dropped back to Jobstown!

Not satisfied with just the one episode Jobie TV also presented punters with a second round – at no extra cost!

This time is was up to well-known Jobstown man Darren Monks to blast out Hooked On A Feeling by Blue Suede from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1.

Viewers might recognise Darren from his stint on TV3 show This Is Jobstown which aired earlier this year.

He enlists John to drive him home from the pub and the two are clearly delighted to duet on the classic tune. Check it out here:

Tune in next Friday for the penultimate episode of The Jobstown House’s CarPool Caraoke.