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A beautiful story of two refugee brothers from Iraq that have taken up hurling in Berlin


You don’t have to be Irish to appreciate how great Hurling and Gaelic Football is. Our national sport has found a home in many countires throughout the world although this story might bring a tear to your eye.

During the week a video appeared online of Iraqi brothers Ahmed and Amjad Alsamaraie who have found a new home in Berlin but that wasn’t the only special part of the story. Both refugees arrived in Berlin last year knowing nobody but themselves. While they were in holding near the airport, they saw Berlin GAA holding a hurling training session and were invited to join.

Both were impressed with the sport joking they had never seen anything like it before in their life. They said it wasn’t just the sport that wowed them but of the friendliness and compassion of the people within the Berlin GAA Club.

When Ahmed was asked about the Irish people he has met in Berlin he says they are amazing;

“I think the Irish people are friendly, I feel thins because when I arrived all the players didn’t know who I was or from where I was from but all the players smiled. They said hello and they teach me the game. Its cool, its amazing”

His brother Amjad was then asked could he believe that last year he was in Iraq and this year he is now playing GAA in Berlin?

“Not at all of course, nobody can believe it I play hurling. I didn’t even imagine that I would play soccer but now im playing hurling and Gaelic football, its amazing”

Check out the video below as journalist Jerome Quinn caught up with the pair.