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A 10-year-old hacked Instagram, and they paid him $10,000 as a thank you

General view of Instagram and Facebook logos on a smartphone. Tensions between Twitter and Instagram, the photo-enhancing social network site, have increased with a new stand-off.

A 10-year-old boy from Helsinki was handed $10,000 by Instagram’s owner Facebook after he discovered a bug within the social media site.

According to Finnish news site Iltalehti, the boy, known as Jani, found a vulnerability in Instagram’s code that enabled him to delete the text that users posted alongside their photos.

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The young coder – who is still three years away from being old enough to have an Instagram account of his own – reported the bug to Facebook via email, with the social networking giant then offering a cash reward as part of their “bug bounty” programme, which rewards those who find faults.

The programme was launched in 2011, and Facebook has paid out more than £296 million in bug bounties.

Instagram issued a fix for the vulnerability within two days.

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Jani told Finnish media that he and his twin brother have been enthusiastic coders for some time, and have regularly searched for security flaws.

He dreams of a career as a security expert, but plans to spend his reward on a new bike and a football.