90 years of Civil War rivalry about to come to an end this week

Old foes Fine Gael and Fianna Fail are due to start negotiations on forming a minority government later today after talks between the two parties over the weekend.

Following Fianna Fail’s rejection of a partnership government last week there is hope that things may be starting to progress ahead of the next meeting of the Dail on Thursday. At that meeting TDs will also vote for the next Taoiseach, for the third time since the general election, but it’s not believed a definite result will be recorded with regard to that.

Fine Gael are insisting that Enda Kenny represents the best prospect of leading a stable minority government but they haven’t dismissed the prospect of a minority Fianna Fáil government either.

The Independents want both parties to reach a written agreement covering a number of budgets before the Dáil reconvenes with the most likely outcome being a deal that lasts for 2½ years (three budgets).

One potential stumbling block in negotiations is the ongoing issues with Irish Water but experts are saying this is not a deal breaker. The most likely date for the new government being in place is Wednesday, April 20th. This new administration will be a minority government which will rely on the support of the main opposition party for its continued existence.

For such a government to survive a whole new approach to politics in this country will have to be taken by both parties.