Slack to hire 80 new staff in Dublin

Good news for those working in customer experience and account management; Slack has announced that they will hire 80 new staff over the next two years. This means the company will have 180 employees by 2018. Slack is an American workplace messaging platform that moved to Dublin just last May and hired 100 people. 

The company, based in the city centre, will also move to a new 29,000 square foot office space at One Park Place, Dublin 1 to accommodate the extra staff. Slack claims to be “Team communication for the 21st century”, and must be doing well if they are hiring and expanding so quickly!

James Sherrett, Slack’s Dublin-based senior manager of accounts told RTÉ:

“Our user base grew tenfold last year and we’re seeing strong demand across all industries and from businesses of all sizes, for more efficient and effective team communications.”

The company, valued at $3.8 billion and has over 430 employees around the world in offices based in San Francisco, Vancouver and Melbourne.