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5 things we learned on day two of E3


The biggest video games show in the world is now very much in full swing.

E3 opens for a second day and many of the big talking points of the show have been established, with fans now flooding to the relevant booths in order to get closer to the games they love.

1. Never under estimate the size of the show

E3 is comprised of two main halls, and it’s not until you start to reel though the list of big name studios that appear on the show floor that you realise how important this show is.

Not only that, but the booths on show make a habit of being brash and this year is no exception – thanks to 2K’s persistence with the Mafia III marketing and the creation of a mini New Bordeaux – the 60s setting for the game.

2. VR is for all

PlayStation VR
(Nick Ut/AP)

Though virtual reality games are at the heart of the agenda for the big players – most notably PlayStation – the platform is also very open, with smaller indie developers also able to get involved and get their games on the big stage.

British studio Rebellion has Battle Zone, which is set to be a launch title for PlayStation VR and is a re-imagining of the 80s arcade game. While underwater simulation Abzu has been drawing the crowds too.

This is important – of course the likes of Batman in VR are going to be popular, but to see games appearing from less likely sources and be well received is vital to getting virtual reality off the ground as a platform.

3. British games rule

Sniper Elite 4

On the subject of Rebellion Developments, the studio is one of several British firms making waves at E3. While they have Sniper Elite 4 and Battle Zone – both of which will be highlights for many.

Meanwhile Rare have been showing off Xbox exclusive Sea of Thieves on the Microsoft booth, again to hugely positive reaction. Both studios are the latest in a growing line British success stories, something that has been put down – in recent years at least – to a change in law that now gives British-made games tax relief.

4. Mafia III is going to be big

Every year at E3, one or two games rise to the top and lead the conversation at the event.

Thanks to a mixture of anticipation, hype, graphics and that booth that looms large over one of the halls – everyone is talking about Mafia III.

The cinematic trailers that have appeared in the showcases at the weekend and on the stand since suggest the open world crime thriller has all the attributes to be the biggest game of the year, and challenge the likes of Grand Theft Auto in the long term.

5. Gran Turismo Sport is a work in progress

The racing genre is extremely competitive this year, especially after a very strong show from Forza Horizon 3, which is exclusive to Xbox.

On the PlayStation side of things there is Gran Turismo Sport. We’ve managed to grab some hands-on time with both this week and Forza has the edge right now. While GT Sport looks great, Forza looks better and runs that little bit smoother. It’s also more fun to play.

Gran Turismo has a little bit of catching up to do, and the good news for fans is the series is more than capable of doing just that.