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5 things to expect from Apple’s live event

Apple will step into the spotlight again on Monday as its latest live product launch takes place in California.

The technology giant is expected to have a handful of new devices for us, including the much rumoured iPhone SE, as well as possibly a new iPad and maybe even an updated Apple Watch.

It should be a busy day of announcements, so here are the key things to look out for.

iPhone SE

The much-rumoured replacement for the iPhone 5c and offering an alternative to the current generation 6s and 6s Plus is expected to be unveiled.

We expect it to look like an iPhone 5, complete with a 4-inch screen, but with specs similar to the 6s. That means a 12 megapixel camera, Touch ID and an A9 processor, but probably not 3D Touch.

iPad Pro

iPad Pro
(Martyn Landi/PA)

Following the theme of shrinking things down, rumours are rife that a smaller version of the iPad Pro could be shown off during Monday’s event.

Complete with the same impressive specs as the Pro, but with a smaller 9.7-inch screen (as opposed to 12.9), it would be a more portable powerhouse of a tablet.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch
(Lynne Cameron/PA)

At the very least we’re expecting to hear news of a new version of WatchOS, with some new wristbands as well maybe. But Apple may decide to really treat us and offer up a second generation device.

It’s not too long a shot as Apple does tend to keep its mobile products on an annual cycle, and the Watch launched this time last year. So keep an eye out.

Software updates

iOS 9
(Lauren Hurley/PA)

As well as WatchOS getting a polish, iOS 9 could well get some TLC too, with many predicting that iOS9.3 will be pushed out. The big thing in this update is Night Shift, a feature that lowers the amount of blue light in a screen during night-time reading, making it easier on the eyes.

There could also be expansions to the power of Touch ID – fingerprints to unlock Notes for example, as well as more 3D Touch gestures on the iPhone 6s.

Encryption talk

Tim Cook
(Niall Carson/PA)

The biggest Apple story of 2016 so far has been the firm’s ongoing battle with the US authorities over encryption, and whether or not they should be aiding the FBI in a “back-door” to access encrypted content on an iPhone.

Apple is firmly saying no, and the firm is due in court the day after the event to debate the issue further, but Tim Cook and co could choose to use the public platform they have on Monday to make some final comments ahead of that meeting.

You can live stream the event in California here.