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23 things that happened before Facebook existed


Don’t you wonder what we spent all our time doing pre-2006, before flicking through a friend of a friend’s wedding album was socially acceptable? Or getting riled at the controversial views of someone you’re now wondering why you’re ‘friends’ with?

On Twitter, #BeforeFacebookI has thrown up a few hilarious realisations…

1. People you hadn’t spoken to in 10 years forgot when your birthday was.

2. You could actually keep secrets from your parents.

3. There was never an awkward “why have you deleted me?” moment.

4. Your friends sharing “OMG it’s snowing” pics wasn’t how we knew what was going on outside.

5. We just, you know, tucked into our dinners.

6. Avoiding the people you never liked in school was much simpler.

7. Friends didn’t shove their political opinions down our throats.

8. And we didn’t know how many we disagreed with.

9. Or how many people we knew who needed to go back to primary school.

10. We probably missed most astronomical phenomenons.

11. Babies were few and far between.

12. And other people’s beach shots were easier to avoid.

13. Actually it was creepy to look at strangers’ photos in general.

14. Passive aggression didn’t come across quite so well.

15. You could choose what to wear without the fear that you’d be tagged in the same outfit for the second time.

16. We were able to express a more varied and complex set of emotions.

17. The proof of our looks going downhill wasn’t RIGHT THERE. EVERY DAY.

18. Stalking was just creepy and illegal.

19. Subtle humble bragging was far more difficult.

20. We took safety more seriously.

21. Hundreds of photos of our cats just sat in albums totally wasted.

22. Ignorance was bliss.

23. Meaningless but brilliant quizzes never entered our lives.