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Al Porter at large in Tallaght & beyond


Al Porter took to our screens on Tuesday night when he welcomed Lucy Kennedy into the Porter (Kavanagh) family home in Springfield here in Tallaght on the hit TV show Living With Lucy. The Tallaght Comedian has admitted that he didn’t tell his parents that Lucy would be moving into their home as part of the series.

He told the Irish Daily Star:

“I didn’t ask my parents, which was probably a bad idea. They felt a little bit uncomfortable with the whole situation to begin with.

“But then they really relaxed into it and they squeezed money out of me for paint for the walls and doing up the garden because my mam wanted the house immaculate when Lucy arrived.”

For those who haven’t seen the episode, we highly recommend it particularly to those from Tallaght as in the episode Al takes Lucy on a trip around the local community of Springfield and the wider Tallaght area, including a session in the Dragon pub on Tallaght Village’s main street.

Al, who just last weekend won the 2016 IFTA Rising Star award has said there is nothing but perks to his newfound fame telling RSVP when asked about the downside to fame?

“Is there one? Free into nightclubs, a Copper’s gold card, suits from Louis Copeland – there is no downside. Honestly, the only thing would be losing the ability to make a first impression on strangers”.

If that all wasn’t enough Al has been busy selling out stand up shows around not just Ireland but also the UK. He has become somewhat of a familiar face on our screens, landing broadcasting spots on various stations including a spot on the Late Late Show with Ryan Tubridy where he discussed his time in an Irish Rebel Band with the Keeley Brothers to hilarious results. Al brings his five-star show Al Porter At Large, The Honeymoon Tour home to Tallaght at The Civic Theatre on December 8th and 9th.

InTallaght recently caught up with Al when he popped into us for his usual Starbucks here at The Square Tallaght, check back soon for the full interview. For more details on Al’s Irish tour check out Ticketmaster’s website here.