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Review: The Witch is fantastically freaky and intensely eerie


What a fantastically freaky film! The Witch, or The VVitch, tells the story of a Puritan family that are cast out of their town on some religious disagreement and settle on a bleak landscape beside a spooky forest. While playing with her baby brother, lead character Thomasin finds him stolen in the blink of an eye. Presumed to be taken by a wolf her parents and twin siblings can do nothing to get him back with no help from the villagers they left behind.

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After that, some even stranger events occur and soon we are convinced the evil is being done by a witch from the woods. While seemingly an arthouse film, this is one that the mainstream will sit up and take note of. Part of the scariest thing about it is the unsettling soundtrack and the uneasy pacing of the story, you never know when the witch will strike again!

I am usually not one for horror movies, but The Witch seduced me with its simplicity and foreboding atmosphere. Before you know you are in a horror you’ve already been lured in by the family setting and struggle for daily survival in farming. And then, all of a sudden it is too late and you are terrified, cowered on the seat peaking out over your hands, now that’s an achievement!

Apparently the language used was researched thoroughly too and is how people actually spoke in the 1600’s in New England. Possibly because the film doesn’t use really famous actors is part of its success, as you never know who is too precious to kill off. If you liked The Blair Witch and want to see an old school version minus the handy-cam, this is your movie. But be warned, it just might bewitch you.

5/5 stars

Released March 11th