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Next government to look at stopping banks evicting rental tenants


The new legislation would outlaw banks forcing renters out of properties they are repossessing and was one of a number of new proposals discussed last week in a meeting between the housing charity Focus Ireland and Enda Kenny.

All housing charities have recently spoken of the need to prevent financial institutions from forcing people onto the streets and into homelessness.

The Taoiseach’s department has now set up a group to work on  a solution to this problem and give more protection to renters.

Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein also support the changes to the law and it is widely believed that regardless of the make up of the next government the new legislation will pass through the Dail.

Other issues discussed at the meeting include the inadequacy of rent supplement, social housing and the provision of supports for children living in temporary accommodation.

A few days prior to last months general the Simon Community expressed extreme alarm at the rising number of families in emergency accommodation in Dublin as figures showed numbers had increased by 114%.

Speaking about the continuing increase, Sam McGuinness from the charity said;

“The number of families now in emergency accommodation in Dublin has risen to a shocking 769. If we look at January 2015, this is a 114% increase. Many of these families are accessing hotel rooms with no facilities to cook or clean and often just a bed to share. This is totally unacceptable and the longer these increases continue the more detrimental the impact will be on their lives in the long term.

“While there has been some success in preventing other families from becoming homeless through tenancy protection services with continued support in place to move families on, the issue of rent supplement and rent certainty still needs to be fully addressed and must be a priority for the next government.

“As rents remain unaffordable and the gap between Rent Supplement and market rents continues to widen, more and more children, families and individuals will be pushed into homelessness, especially at a time when the number of properties available to rent is at an all-time low.”