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Meet the candidates – Mick Duff Labour


With just a week to go until General Election 2016 InTallaght contacted each of the candidates standing in the Dublin South West constituency in order for them to tell you a little more about themselves and their priorities for this area. For reasons of fairness and balance all of the candidates are asked the same five questions:

1) What motivated you to get into politics?

2) Why should local residents in Dublin South West vote for you over the other candidates standing?

3) If elected, what would be your top priorities for Dublin South West residents?​

4) What is the achievement you are most proud of in life? (This does not necessarily have to be related to your political career but can be.)

5) And finally, with this being the centenary of The Rising do you think Ireland 2016 is a country the 1916 leaders would be proud of?

Continuing our series we have Mick Duff who is standing as a Labour candidate.