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15 hilarious illustrations from mums that accurately sum up the reality of motherhood

I’m sure being a parent has its ups and downs. It can be exciting, challenging, sometimes scary and often downright exhausting I’m told.

But for these four mums, who are illustrators by profession, it means sometimes you just have to have a good old laugh about the whole parenting situation and see the lighter side of things.

For artists Meghna Shah of MommiePickles, Katie Kirby of Hurrah for Gin, Natalia Sabransky of Mama Ilustrada and Lucy Scott of Doodle Diary of a New Mum, it’s all about channelling their daily struggles of motherhood into witty drawings.

1. On making plans that involve getting babies to sleep

2. On what Netflix and chill means when you are parents

3. On what your social life is reduced to when there are children needing your constant attention

4. When 11am = booze o’clock

5. When a good night’s rest becomes a thing of the past

6. When you are looking forward to the weekend because there’s an extra person to take over all the baby duties

7. On previously unacceptable things suddenly becoming likeable solutions

8. When the dreaded grocery shopping suddenly sounds like a mini holiday

9. On how life was before the little monsters came along

10. When impromptu plans actually involve days of meticulous planning

11. On trying to figure out what being a mum actually means

12. That panicky moment when someone wants to pop in for a quick friendly chat

13. On the raging hormones of pregnancy

14. When other people’s problems sound quite insignificant when compared to your daily grind

15. When your baby won’t take no for an answer, even if going outside in torrential rain is the last thing you want to do

But all that aside, nothing must feel more awesome than being a mum. Happy Mother’s Day everyone.