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Final Trailer: Batman v Superman



With a little over two months left until Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is released into Irish cinemas in IMAX, 3D and 2D the final trailer for the film has been released, and it is the best one yet.

So far the trailers that we have seen for this film have been underwhelming with one or two decent bits however, this final trailer for BvS bucks that trend and from start to finish showcases how good a film this could be. From the opening snippet where we see the Batwing being used to drop Batman in on some unsuspecting crooks to the closing stare-down between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel this trailer builds the anticipation.


Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman makes an appearance in the trailer and we get to see more of Jeremy Irons Alfred, and his relationship with Bruce in this incarnation of the legendary characters. The trailer also sheds some more light on why the two iconic DC superheroes are fighting with one another, with Bruce afraid of Supermans power and his motives.

Batman v Superman is released March 25th in Ireland and will be shown in the IMC in Tallaght in both 2D and 3D with IMAX screenings also available in Ireland