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New Star Wars film to explain how the force came to the Kingdom


Tourism Ireland this week launched phase two of its special Star Wars campaign, targeting fans of the science fiction franchise around the world. It involves a specially-commissioned ‘behind-the-scenes’ film, created during filming in 2014 on Skellig Michael.

Tourism Ireland commissioned Lucasfilm – the company which produced Star Wars: The Force Awakens – to create the short film, in which Star Wars director JJ Abrams and other crew members discuss why they chose this special location for filming. Tourism Ireland will share the film in 14 different different countries including Britain, the United States, Canada, Germany France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the Nordic region, Australia, New Zealand, India, the GCC and South Africa. It will be shared via social media including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and will target Tourism Ireland’s digital audience of 600+ million around the world.

To view the film, click here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjnGRTATRdg

Tommy Harper, the Executive producer, recalls the moment they discovered the Skellig islands:

“I got an email from Rick Carter (Production Designer of Star Wars: The Force Awakens). He sent this link, and it was Skellig Island. J.J. (Director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens) immediately wrote back and said, “I love you! This is the best.””

Since 1977, the renowned movie franchise has travelled through many galaxies, and this time the cast and crew jetted into the small Kerry village Portage. From here, they travelled eight miles (12 Km) by sea to a dream film location, Skellig Michael, which the crew described as “from another time and place”.

Filming began in August 2014, and J.J. Abrams remembers the excitement:
“I can’t believe they let us shoot there. I mean, it was so beautiful.”

Martin Joy (Supervising Location Manager of Star Wars: The Force Awakens) declares:
“We were just blown away by it. It’s an extraordinary place. It certainly fed into our Star Wars universe.”

Since it’s opening in last month The Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been setting records all over the world with a $120 million dollar opening day release and fantastic reviews.

Skellig Michael looks spectacular in the film and its appearance has already generated extensive, positive headlines and stories in media outlets right around the world such as the New Zealand Herald, the Boston Globe, CNBC, the Toronto Sun and Radio Times. Tourism Ireland plans to capitalise on this positive exposure, highlighting the Star Wars connection with Ireland over the coming weeks and months.

TV and film are recognised as strong influencers on travellers everywhere, with up to 35% of people being impacted in their choice of destination by what they see on screen.