Dublin Zoo welcomes two new cute little arrivals

Dublin Zoo is celebrating the birth of two baby monkeys just in time for the festive season.One is a white-crowned mangabey (pictured above) and the other is a Sulawesi crested macaque.

The healthy white-crowned mangabey baby was born on the 27th November. The new arrival weighs 350 grams. The gender is unknown to keepers at present because the mother keeps the baby very close.

Team leader at Dublin Zoo Helen Clarke-Bennett said: “We’re delighted with the baby mangabeys progress and how it has been bonding with its mother. The baby joins a troop of eight white-crowned mangabeys, three of which are under three years of age, so the new arrival will have plenty of playmates to grow and develop with.”

The other new arrival, a Sulawesi crested macaque, was born on 5th of December. It joins a troop of 17 macaques and is feeding well from its mother, which it will do for up to a year.

The zoo will be open all over Christmas except for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.