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Backward Compatible PS2 Games That Should Appear On The PS4



PlayStation 4 users have recently been asked by Sony which backward compatibility games they would like to see from the PS2 arrive for the PS4, using the #ps2ps4. After hearing about this announcement I decided to make a list of PS2 games which I would like to revisit on my PS4.


GTA: Vice City

There really is nowhere else to start is there, Vice City is far and away the best the best GTA game and one which I would love to play again. This would actually be the third time that I would revisit this game having bought it when it first came out, traded it in, and a few months later bought it again.

Vice City tells the story of Tommy Vercetti who has just been released from prison after fifteen years behind bars. Upon being released from prison in 1986 Tommy is promoted to Capo in the Forelli family and sent to Vice City to be put under the guardianship of Ken Rosenberg.

Vice City is a truly brilliant game with an awesome open world experience featuring some of the best missions, side missions and radio stations that GTA has ever produced. The game was released to critical acclaim scoring 90% and more on every review with the Official PlayStation Magazine giving the game 100%, what a magazine that was.

This is definitely the first game that will be on many a list for PlayStation gamers when it comes to PS2 games which gamers would like to revisit on the PS4.



Before Red Dead Redemption ever saw the light of day gamers got a fantastic open world western outing with the magnificent Gun. Gun tells the story of Colton White, voiced by Thomas Jane, who travels from town to town defending himself from frequent bandit attacks where players must defend themselves or flee the scene altogether.

This was an amazing game which gave the player plenty to do aside from following the story from beginning to end but also the vast amount of side missions which were on offer in the game. With everything from poker tournaments, bounty hunting, cattle herding and law enforcement the game flowed brilliantly whilst telling a stellar western story.

The game was helped by a fantastic cast of voice actors with the aforementioned Thomas Jane playing Colt, the game also featured Ron Perlman, Tom Skerritt and Kris Kristofferson voicing characters throughout the game.

Following the success of the game which won many awards there were rumours of a sequel to the game for years, however with it being a decade since the games release there is little chance of one happening now. This is another reason why this should be one of the PS2 games which is made available on the PS4.


The Punisher

This game was only recently toppled from my chart of favourite video game based on a comic book character, with the first two games from the Batman Arkham series sitting at the top now. However, this game, although quite controversial because of some of the violence in it, is a truly fantastic game.

From the very first level where as Frank Castle/The Punisher you raid a crack house and see the first glimpse of the interrogation methods used in the game you know this is a game which stays loyal to The Punisher series of graphic novels.

The game features many a cameo from the Marvel Universe with Iron Man, Nick Fury, Matt Murdock, Kingpin, Black Widow and Bullseye to name but a few of the characters that make an appearance in the game.

One of my most favourite video gaming memories comes from this game when in a cinematic clip The Punisher sneaks into the coffin of one of the mobsters in a funeral home and at the beginning of the level you are in the coffin during the service. To start the level, you then pop up out of the coffin and have to take out as many of the mobsters as possible, before continuing on.

The game was released with mixed to positive reviews which sees the chances of this game been made one of the games very unlikely, however it is a wonderful game, and because there hasn’t been a full length Punisher game released since it is definitely worth a try if you are a fan of The Punisher.


Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

Finally, a game for all the family on this list, Jak and Daxter; The Precursor Legacy is the first Jak and Daxter game and was immensely fun. This was a great game, yet still tricky and if Crash Bandicoot was the main man for the PS1 Jak and Daxter where that for the PS2 when it was released.

The game follows Jak and Daxter as they attempt to change Daxter back into his old loud mouthed self after he is thrown into a pool of dark eco and transformed into an ottsel, this is a hybrid of an otter and a weasel.

This was a beautiful looking game that was very colourful and meshed the brilliance of both Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon together to create a wonderful game. Jak and Daxter was a hugely popular game which spawned to other full length games, which unfortunately could never topple the brilliance of the original.

There have been so many games which could have featured on this list from the Tekken Tag Tournament, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, Spiderman 2, Def Jam Fight for NYC and True Crime Streets of La to name but a few more.

Those are just a few of the games which I would love to see from the PS2 appear on the PS4, if you want to do your own list feel free to leave it in the comments section below as there was an enormous amount of quality games for the PS2 which I may have forgotten about.