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Miss Piggy Sings ‘Hello,’ Longing For Kermit …


After her heartbreaking split from Kermit the Frog earlier this year Miss Piggy is venting her feelings by covering Adele’s heartbreak hit, Hello

Miss Piggy announced the news that she was breaking up with Kermit through a post on her Facebook page earlier this year admitting that “considerable squabbling” had led to the end of their romance.

“considerable squabbling”

Clearly suffering after the split, Miss Piggy has now released a cover of Adele’s smash hit,Hello, which gives us an idea into how she is feeling about life without the green frog and maybe she is hoping that a reconciliation may be on the cards and what better way to convey her wish that this may happen than through song!

However, if the rumurs are to be believed Kermit has swiftly moved on and is already in a new relationship with another pig named Denise.
At the time of the split Kermit said:

“People change. So do frogs and pigs. … We were together for a long, long time and it’s personal.”

You can watch the video below..