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From Football to Fashion – Paul Galvin launches new collection!


Paul Galvin, the sometimes controversial Kerry football and ex-National School teacher has embarked on his new career as a Fashion Designer and his new collection “Vanguard” is now available in Dunnes Store outlets throughout the country.

Vanguard is more a clothing movement than a clothing collection. The black and white pieces represent the mindset of a risk-taker. Risk-takers see the world in black and white. Things are as they are. The camouflage print pieces represent the military vanguard warriors who went first at great risk. To capture this spirit of risk-taking, and to develop the concept further, took work. Vanguard is as much about storytelling and narrative as it is product.

The range which has a military theme and seems to have been inspired by the lyrics of the National Anthem features some really nice pieces and is sure to be a big hit in Kerry, only time will tell if the rest of the country will take to Paul’s unique sense of style!

For a full list of the stores that stock the new range you can click here!