12-year-old author’s debut title to raise money in honour of sick cousin


A kind-hearted 12-year-old girl, whose cousin suffered from cancer, has written and illustrated a story, which will raise money in her honour.

Caoimhe May O’Rourke, of Corofin, county Galway, penned A Trip To The Hospital, when she was just nine but in recent months rewrote it to a more mature level. The title has now been published by Emu Ink and was officially launched on Friday, July 10th, in the Galway Education Centre. Fifty per cent of the profits from sales of the title, will go to Barretstown, because they were “so good” to Caoimhe May’s cousin, Aoife, who has now fully recovered, when she was ill; and the other 50% will go to Caoimhe May’s own college fund. Caoimhe May said, “I wrote this book because I wanted people to know that the hospital isn’t really a bad place and that they should stop worrying. And also that breaking a bone really isn’t the end of the world!” A Trip To The Hospital is now available in the fiction section of the library, at emuink.ie