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10 of the weirdest outfits seen at the Eurovision Song Contest


We might forget the songs, but the Eurovision Song Contest has been home to some unforgettable outfits.

From InCulto’s glittery pants to Thea Garrett’s inexplicable birdman, we round up some of the most memorable.

1. Katie Price

Katie Price at the Eurovision Song Contest
Katie Price (Yut Mok/PA)

Katie Price got knocked out during the pre-selection process but this pink, sparkly spandex number deserves a mention even if she didn’t make it to the main stage.

2. Lordi

Lordi competing at Eurovision
Lordi (Petros Giannakouris/AP/PA)

Creepy monster masks didn’t stop Lordi from romping to victory in 2006.

They made history for becoming the first Finnish group to win the contest.

3. Verka Serduchka

Verka Serduchka at Eurovision
Verka Serduchka (Alastair Grant/AP/PA

Drag queen Verka Serduchka, aka Andriy Mykhailovych Danylko, offended fashion critics with her own brand of crazy couture.

But she was also was branded “grotesque” by some politicians from her native Ukraine and a radio station even organised a protest at her selection.

4. Scooch

Scooch at Eurovision
Scooch (Alastair Grant/AP/PA)

We were all rooting for Scooch when they took to the Eurovision stage for us in 2007.

But polyester flight attendants outfits? Really?

5. Dustin The Turkey

Dustin The Turkey at Eurovision
Dustin The Turkey (KOBPIX/PA)

Was Dustin honestly the best Ireland had to offer in 2008?

It’s up for debate whether this is actually an outfit, but it definitely sums up Eurovision’s sartorial style.

6. Gipsy.cz

Czech Republic's band Gipsy.cz perform during the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest
Gipsy.cz (Sergey Ponomarev/AP/PA)

The not so catchily named Gipsy.cz scored the dreaded nul points for the Czech Republic at the 2009 event, and we’re going to assume that was partly down to what appears to be a supermarket superhero costume.

7. Thea Garrett

Thea Garrett at Eurovision
Thea Garrett (Cornelius Poppe/AP/PA)

Malta’s entrant Thea looked ok herself in her long dress at the 2010 contest – it wasn’t a hit but it wasn’t a miss either.

But why was the man bobbing about behind her dressed as a sinister, smirking bird?

8. InCulto

InCulto at Eurovision
InCulto (Cornelius Poppe/AP/PA)

InCulto tried the old Bucks Fizz trick in 2010, only when they whipped off their trousers to show off their glittery hot pants we found ourselves cringing rather than clapping…

9. Jedward

Jedward at Eurovision
Jedward (Sergey Ponomarev/AP/PA)

Were they robots? Space men? It just doesn’t matter. The Irish muppets were Eurovision gold in the metallic get ups they took to the stage with in 2012.

10. Conchita Wurst

Conchita Wurst at Eurovision
Conchita Wurst (Frank Augstein/AP/PA)

Conchita Wurst’s win for Austria in 2014 – and what she had to say about gender issues – rightfully made her a star.

But anyone who teams a long sparkly dress and a bouncy blow-out with a beard deserves a mention here.